Game of Thrones Fire & Ice Show: Big Teases In A Short Time…

Ha. I actually forgot this extended Season 4 teaser was on tonight, but as noted, I hadn’t planned on watching it anyway because I prefer to go into the show cold (and will, what with winter still in full effect here as well as in the upcoming season). Nope, I still haven’t watched this, but I’m posting it for your enjoyment. Eh, I’ll catch it On Demand soon enough if I want to, as it’ll always be there. Ah, the things I do for you, dear reader. Now, then – let’s tuck you in (tuck, tuck, tuck), here’s a smooch to the forehead (*smack!*) and there, you’re allllll ready to go to sleep. Gooood Niiiiight. Whaddya mean it’s ONLY 10:25? When I was your age, I was in bed and out like a busted light by 11! Well, OK… not really…

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