What’s In the Box? I’m Just Saiyan You’ll Not Need To Guess…

I'm Just Saiyan...Mystery sol-ved! Namco Bandai very kindly sent me a copy of Dragonball Z: Battle of Z to review, so that’s going to get done soon. It’s funny that this shows up because I still feel like punching a hole in a wall over those idiots who installed that crappier shower head earlier and left me with a wobbly pipe, so this is a little stress relief for me. Okay, off to see how this one plays. It was pretty fun to see in action last year at that press preview I went to. I’m not sure where to put that rather large Super Saiyan figure, as all my available space is stocked up with games, but I’ll figure something out soon enough…

Okay, back in a bit (again) – I’ve also been going through some bins of doom and then some here and dug up some interesting stuff I need to scan and maybe sock away on a hard drive for later use. It’s not spring yet, but I’m slowly cleaning. I must be feeling masochistic today or something. Eh, it’s a living…

2 thoughts on “What’s In the Box? I’m Just Saiyan You’ll Not Need To Guess…

    • I’m still amazed DBZ games are still made that pretty much tell the same stories. There have been DOZENS of them of multiple genres since the 80’s (except for a kart racer and a hidden object game). This one’s interesting and kind of fun to play (so far), but I think a few of those Nintendo DS RPGs are deeper in terms of a few things. Still, it’s a great pick up and play sort of game (and yeah, pretty funny with all the usual yelling and punching people half a mile or so)…


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