Diggs Nightcrawler: A Family-Friendly Noir Detective Story? Innnnnteresting…

OK, I’m still a bit ticked off that Sony hasn’t gotten that Fifty Shades of Grey Wonderbook out just to reap in the millions they’d get while the iron on that saucy and unrealistic fantasy novel and its sequels is still hot (OK, it’s actually a running gag here I can’t pass up), but for those who want something a LOT less salcious, there’s Diggs Nightcrawler, a really cool looking film noir inspired tale for all ages. Well, all ages who happen to have parents who like noir and want to pass that onto the wee ones without having to make them sit through all those movies they love in a weekend marathon.

Hmmm… just imagine the mood your kid would be in on a Monday after three full days of black and white detective stories with sassy molls, hoods shooting heroes in the shoulder, a few bodies falling out of closets or into a bay somewhere and all sorts of red herrings popping up to confuse and amuse. Yeah, playing this game is probably a tiny bit better – you want to ease the kids into those classics, not toss them in head first and see if they swim back to the surface. The water’s dark down there, you know…

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