Malevolence In the Home Stretch: Six More Video Updates To Snack On…


Winding up what’s looking to be a really productive development cycle, here are six more videos from Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox, set to hit PC’s very soon. The promise of infinite play here is quite compelling and as you can see here, the game is looking quite excellent for what’s basically a fan-made project. Well, some VERY dedicated fans of classic PC role-playing games


More after the jump!


10,000 different weapons, huh? Well, that’s not quite Borderlands numbers, but for any RPG it’s quite impressive. I want them all! Chop, chop (and hack, hack and slash slash)!



Shopping! I like shopping. Well, for games and food and games. But hey, that’s shopping. Lets go SHOPPING!!!



And for you gambling types out there, it’s a Goblin Dice game. If you can stand to play with a smelly pack of goblins, you’ll be in heaven. but try to get a seat near an open window. Goblins are quite smelly, y’know (hey, I can’t stand that scent, so you shouldn’t either)…



And finally, meet the blacksmith! I’m sure you can have some of those 10,000 weapons you come across sharpened up by this guy.

It’s too damn bad that for many indie developers, console and portable development is such a doom-laded path to tackle, as a game such as this would be truly grand on the road or played from a few feet away on a nice TV. Eh, whatever – I still want to play this one when it’s complete.


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