The Prequel To Sacred 3 Is A Downloadable Side-Scrolling Brawler. This Could Go Two Ways…

Well, I didn’t see this coming at all, but here you go: SACRED Citadel in all its work in progress glory (complete with corny captions trying too hard for that “hip” angle).  Let the scalp scratching commence.  Naturally, haters (and people who can’t read the description of the game on the official site) are gonna hate. That said, once I got over the shock and took another look, the game does look nice enough and could be quite fun for what it is. As a longtime fan of the Sacred series and old-school side scrolling games from the 80’s until today, I give my official DAF stamp of approval. Of course, If you know me, you also know I’ll wait until the game is actually out and playable before forming a more reliable opinion. That said, I hope to hell that this shows up as part of Sacred 3’s retail edition (as in on the game disc, grrrrrr!) so those who hate digital media can actually play it. That seems to be the big mistake developers and publisher keep making with some of these cool projects, but that’s a complaint for another post. Anyway, 2013 is looking more interesting by the minute…


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