Eh, You May As Well FAKE Scare Yourself to Death This Weekend…

(Thanks, Sleaze-O-Rama!)

Let’s see now… this week, no, most of the last few months have been absolutely annoying and in you sit in front of the TV news for more than five minutes, terrifying. Woo hoo. Anyway, not that ignorance is bliss or anything, but sometimes it’s just good to drop everything and chill (your spine) out with something fake, stupid and scary to counteract something real, stupid and scary. Or you can go serious and scary – it’s your move. I’m probably going to watch ALIEN again at some point just to prepare for Alien Isolation on Tuesday. I was thinking about watching more disease-related stuff like Outbreak, Contagion, The Andromeda Strain, Scream and Scream Again or Coma, but a friend’s mother just went through some surgery today and I didn’t want my choice to see out of place for any reason.

Well, fake panic is always a good diversion, right? Sooooo… PANIC!

(Thanks, Horror Theater Video!)

There’s also some stupid ongoing game industry nonsense kicked up by fools for no other reason than a weird political agenda that’s seeped into things and has boiled over into weirdness and ugly stuff, but I’ve only wasted about a half hour of my life reading up on the basics and it’s pretty much garbage and fake outrage that’s gone way overboard because of a select, vocal class of internet idiot. Blech, and make mine a double, bartender. Anyway, go catch something primal scary or extremely silly this weekend, say away from the news (or internet if need be) and just ENJOY the hell out of this weekend, folks.

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