Guardians of the Galaxy International Trailer 2: August Will Be Scorching For A Few Reasons…

Yes indeed, the more I see of this, the more I like it so I hope to all the hot hells it doesn’t disappoint. I already know what to expect from a Marvel Studios film, so I know that I need to keep my eyes peeled for in-jokes and cross references to other ME properties, there won’t be any mention of Spider-Man (different studio!) and you’ll NEED to sit through the entire end credit sequence so you can get slapped upside the head with a shocker of a fanboy surprise other people who see this won’t get because they’re not Marvel fans at all, but dragged their kids (or were dragged BY their kids) to see this. I keep thinking of this kid who started yelling at his parental unit to “WAIT!” when I went to see The Avengers because “WE HAVE TO SEE THE ENDING!” and half the theater telling that daddy dearest to sit down so the kid would stop with the wailing. Good times? Nope, but hell, you may as well get that full ticket price worth, I say. At least that dad agreed to listen to the masses and didn’t drag the kid outside, so there’s a victory for the loud small fry contingent, I guess…

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