Dracula Untold Posters: Bats Just Nuts, I Say…

dracula_untold_xlg dracula_untold_ver2_xlg

 Hmmm. I guess I should wait and see what the trailers look like for this upcoming Universal Pictures/Legendary Pictures co-production, but I can’t help myself about whipping out a bat of my own and swinging at these poster designs. They look cool and all, but if you’re not the only one getting a serious Batman vibe from these two like I did, well keep looking and you’ll see the same things I’m seeing. Again, I won’t judge the film at all based on the posters, but at least it seems to be set during the “proper” time period and not some “Hey, let’s move the classic vampire into the modern age!” fail face that certain popular franchise TV shows and films have done over the years. Granted, for my money there hasn’t been a truly GREAT Dracula film in many years, so this one’s got a good deal to live up to. As long as it’s better than that reboot of The Wolfman from a few years back, it just might be a good time. as always, we shall see…

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