Hey, el Diablo de Culiacan? The Devil Is Indeed In The Details…

Diablo_NotSo… I’m in the library typing away yesterday when I look up and a DVD catches my eye. “Wait, someone made a Diablo III movie? ALREADY? No, that’s not even possible! OR right!” I think (plus a few other things) as I hop out of my seat and reach for the case. It turns out that I was right and it’s just probably one of the worst cases of trademark theft and sheer laziness in coming up with a logo I’ve ever seen.

This, ladies and gents is el Diablo de Culiacan a 2011 Mexican action film that I haven’t seen (but probably should just to get it over with)  and based on the trailer below has absolutely, positively 100 percent NOTHING to do with Blizzard’s multimillion selling game series. Check it out:

(thanks, bandoretrito01!) 

Uh huh. Well, um… it’s violent, at least…

The back of the case has this synopsis (misspellings left as-is):

“El Diablo works for a ruthless and powerful drug kingpin. The “Mafioso” has a beautiful daughter and “El Diablo” falls head over heels for the girl; her father disapproves the relation and will use all the powers at his will to eliminate him. Still, destiny has others plans for them and will take the two of them to hell in a merciless fight to discover the real “demon”.

Now… Diablo fans with even one working eye will more than clearly notice the lack of fantasy theme, Deckard Cain or anything resembling the big red guy with the horns and cheap attacks. Sure, there’s bodies and explosions and fire and other stuff, but when I see that logo, I see everything from too many hours spent leveling up my Demon Hunter to the infamous Error 37 popping up to keep me from playing when I wanted to. Thank goodness for the PlayStation 3 version!

Anyway, I’m SURE that Blizzard knows about this already, but I may as well post this, hope they see it and get a chuckle before they do what they should. Granted, I’m betting no one wants to go up against any real cartel if they’re the ones who ended up getting this movie made, so I’ll shut up now before I get a special visit from a fake Diablo and wish to hell that I knew the one from the game REALLY well. Oh, great… now I’m a Satanist all of a sudden? Hmmm… I wonder if that statue is ever getting built in Oklahoma? I may as well get used to the heat (as it sure beats this stupid too cold weather we’re having now)…


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