Super Fighter Team Reissues Two Classic PC Fighters As Free Downloads

Super FighterSuper Fighter Team has been quite quietly busy these days, what with Nightmare Busters getting ready to ship out for the Super Nintendo soon (and yes, it’s simultaneously awesome and hilarious in the best possible manner to be typing this in 2013), but there are also some nice surprises you can grab for free that should greatly interest fans of classic 2D arcade fighting games.

Super Fighter Special Edition, a VERY nicely reworked version of the ancient PC fighter and Sango Fighter 2 are up and downloadable now, so if you’re into fighters, LOVE big, colorful animated sprites and wonderful pixel art backgrounds, yup, you’re already clicking away and getting yours I bet. Additionally, you can check out some music from Super Fighter HERE – it’s another pretty cool bonus that will get your ears grinning while you’re waxing nostalgic over either game’s old-school charms…

1 thought on “Super Fighter Team Reissues Two Classic PC Fighters As Free Downloads

  1. Love it! Already downloaded đŸ™‚
    When I first got the notice from Super Fighter Team I was thinking maybe they’re releasing another game on cart. I’m sure they will again and until then it was really nice of them to give these games away as free downloads.


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