Sony May or May Not Reveal a New Console This Month. No One Is (Too) Surprised…


Yay! But also *Yawn…* Look, Sony. Every gamer with an internet connection of any speed or two tin cans and a long enough string KNOWS you’re working on a fancy new console. So all this going to extremes to run possible teasers that may or may not be official reveals for more reveals as 2013 spools out is a bit silly. Well, at least I think it is. On the other hand, E3 is such a waste of time and money and has degenerated into less of a trade show and more of a fan convention with people lining up for free crap. It’s all long lines and loud, noisy bunch of annoying kids running around posing as game journalists and breaking any embargo or NDA they can sign, a few too many demos made by developers who hate making them in such a short time for the show, too many big, expensive parties, some of which are basically early funerals for developers who don’t make the Metacritic average once their expensive to produce and promote games are released to a too jaded audience that doesn’t really know what it wants because all they demand are more sequels…

I say get it over with already, BUT do the right thing and make sure you have G-A-M-E-S for whatever you do come up with. I’ve put in 40 years of gaming and if I see one more system launch with games that are undercooked or hear about delays and more delays, I’m first on the block with the brickbat. Anyway, I’d rather see an announcement about a Vita and memory card price cut, the possibilities of more Cross Platform titles and most importantly, what’s coming for the “old” PS3 this year, as not everyone is going to dump the system to run out and buy a newer one if it chops them off from the retail loop when it comes to buying content. Eh, as always, we shall see. This post NOT brought to you by God of War: Ascension, but I may as well run that full Super Bowl ad below so I don’t have a bunch of Sony-themed posts in a row. Or something like that… Tough love, grrrrr!


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