MLB 13 The Show Preview Trailer: Wait, It’s Baseball Season Already?


I actually don’t play sports games these days nor do I watch a lot of sports save for the occasional X Games or interesting looking auto race if I happen to be flipping by the Speed Channel. Too much stuff to do here and I’ve learned not to grow attached to a bunch of talented yet flawed folks tossing balls or whatever around and getting paid way too much money to do so before being traded to a new team for no other reason that they were making too much money where they were last year. Of course, hockey doesn’t count this year unless you bought EA’s video game and made up your own season (but I wonder if players in that sport are collecting checks for being on strike?). Eh, whatever – no matter how much I kid here, sports fans are going to stick by their favorite teams no matter what and at least Sony is making what I hear is such a pretty spectacular fake baseball game that if it had commercial breaks and a bit more commentary, would pretty much be like watching a game on TV. You do just that – me, I’ll be over in the other corner playing some RPG or watching a really terrible film or something. Oh yeah – if you ARE a baseball fan, feel free to go vote for the cover guy for this year’s game HERE.

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