FREE STUFF: Plays Santa With Free Duke Nukem 3D For All…


Ho, Ho, Ho!  Once again, the fine folks at bust out something awesome and FREE for gamers everywhere this crazy holiday season. This isn’t the normal Duke, mind you, but Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition, which packs in the original game and a megaton of bonus content. In case you’re new to Duke Nukem, it’s the seminal politically incorrect first-person shooter that’s also a master class in game design, outrageous humor and tons of hidden goodies.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss the hours goodbye and even better, you’re not paying a cent. Hell, if that fat man flying around in his sleigh wasn’t busy doing that, he’d be sitting at home in front of his own computer blasting baddies and peeling off digital dollar bills to check out some jingle bells. Just don’t tell Mrs. Claus!

Er, of course, the sole caveat here is Duke, free though he is, isn’t for everyone in these even more overtly PC days. Yes, he’s a stereotypical 90’s manly-man macho sexist jerk, but that’s part of the game’s comic genius, I say.  Satirizing action flicks and macho culture using a megaton of overkill violence, some topless nudity and plenty of NSFW content, Duke was and is a classic that won’t go out of style because we all need a good crude laugh at out culture every now and then. Hey, look at the bright side of thing: Like him or not, he’s saving the earth from alien bastards, he’s got plenty of cash on hand to help out ladies in need during the game. Hey, strippers, like ’em or not are people too (although not one of them, nor the busloads of aliens Duke wastes in the game in awesomely gory fashion is REAL, kids!). Besides, ol’ Duke would very likely come save your ass when the aliens DO land somewhere in the world if he were real and you needed help.

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