Diablo III Officially Dated: Wake Me When There’s An Offline Solo Mode…

Yeah, yeah, I was bitching earlier about people bitching about Mass Effect 3’s ending, but this is entirely different and worth it’s own special gripe. Sure, Blizzard wants to be in better control of its long-awaited baby, but shutting out Diablo III to those who don’t have constant online connections, don’t WANT to play nice (or nasty) with others or hell, just want a game they can play when they want to without having to rely on constant updating just blows. Not everyone who wants an offline mode is a hacker, cheater (or whatever is considered “bad” for DIII) looking to bilk Blizzard. We just want to enjoy the story as solo players and not go near the Internet, that’s all.

Yes, Blizzard will make a MINT on DIII pre-sales and launch day sales and based on what I’ve seen of the beta, they deserve every penny of your hard-earned gold. However, YES, you’d better believe there will be such a download crunch-fest on and around day one that a lot of people will be screaming that they can’t get online or download the game or are suffering through whatever other issues that ALWAYS crop up in a big release like this. A lot of you guys and dolls will be doing the happy dance on May 15, 2012, but for me and a lot of other folks, it’ll be business as usual until we hear of some solution that can get us enjoying SOME form of the Diablo universe (even if it’s a console side-story set in the same period as the game).

2 thoughts on “Diablo III Officially Dated: Wake Me When There’s An Offline Solo Mode…

  1. Aye I agree. Many are okay with it (in fact I’m sure they’d knife us given the chance to defend the always online decision) but there are a lot of us that just don’t want to have to suffer because we are unable to get better connections (I already have the best fixed line connection available to me locally and it will probably take a few years before it gets any better).

    I’m keeping to my word – I haven’t pre-ordered this and I don’t intend to order it until either it gets an offline mode or I know for a fact that it’ll run online without me even noticing the difference. I noticed in D2 (tried online just recently – very noticeable compared to offline even though I was all on my own) and I’ve also seen all of the complaints during the beta (yes yes I know it’s beta blah blah whatever) so I’m far too weary to risk an increase in my blood pressure with the frustrations this could bring when things just don’t play nicely together (and they will arise as surely as the demons themselves have). A sad sad decision by them for any of their fans sitting in the same boat but sadly it doesn’t look like it’s going to change.


  2. The funny thing is, you can practically smell the day one hell (which will turn into week one hell) from here, but it seems they’re determined to do it their way no matter who complains. An offline mode would keep servers lighter for those who just want to experience the story and maybe join an online game at some point during or after we’re all done seeing what’s what.

    I’m sticking with Torchlight II just to see where Runic has gone with the new content. After hearing that the first of three worlds will be as big as the original game (and it’s not a forced MMO), that’s good enough for my twenty bucks…


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