Renegade Ops Upgrades Trailer (Someone Get This On A Disc!)

Remember when games like this used to come out left and right back in the day on cartridges and later, CD’s? Sega and Avalanche Studios are going to drop a super-cool bomb of non-stop vehicle-based blasting on your heads this fall. I still think that all these publishers NEED to start compiling PSN and XBLA games onto discs and getting them into mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target and Best Buy, as there are plenty of sales to be made to those who don’t have online console accounts or still use dial-up connections. Remember publishers – those folks STILL have some disposable income and might want to spend a few bucks on some of your games. Shutting them out is always a bad idea. Why not buck the trend, shock the hell out of those annoying analysts and make a bunch of people happy in the process?

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