Gamescom 2011: GoldenEye Reloaded Gallery

More lovely screens from Eurocom's upcoming re-reboot headed to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Along with many other GoldenEye fans, I'm more than thrilled with what's coming. However as usual in the free-thinking democracy we live in, there are people out there who just don't want the game to succeed. As long as the anti-Activision crowd (some of whom don't play many/any games in the genre or worse, judge every modern/console shooter as “bad” for some reason), overly nostalgic N64 fanboys (yes, the original is a great game, but come on – grow up and open your eyes while learning to show RESPECT to a developer updating a classic into an even better experience) AND Daniel Craig haters (who have ZERO clue about how licensing works – you're not getting Pierce Brosnan back as Bond in a new game no matter how loudly you gripe) who STILL think every FPS has been ruined by Call of Duty (they haven't) are around and thinking their loudly expressed opinions are 100% indication of actual facts (they aren't, but thanks for trying), the game might have that minor speed bump to overcome at retail. I say if you're THAT skeptical and jaded, not even a playable demo will help you. Here's hoping that a percentage of these wags actually change their minds after playing one.Read more »

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