Demon’s Souls is HERE (And So Is The Wiki!)

Yeah, some of you have it, all of you will die multiple times playing it and more than a few of you will want to jump up and down on your PS3 until it’s a flat black file folder with sparks coming out of it.

Before you reach that point (it’s an expensive file folder, folks), head on over to the new Demon’s Souls Wiki and get some assistance for those problem areas (which will be pretty much the entire game for those trying to play this like it’s Diablo 2 or some other simple chase ‘n chop game with a basic multiplayer and PvP mode… which it isn’t at all)

As the Wiki is *NEW*, a LOT of stuff needs filling in, so if you’re getting really great at surviving what’s being thrown at you in the game and can string a sentence together, SUBMIT to the Wiki! Just remember to use that spellchecker, folks. Poor grammar is a worse death than the False King Allant can ever give you…

P.S. The servers are officially UP – enjoy the game!!!

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