Gallery: Zaku (for the Atari Lynx!)

If you’re one of those folks who remembers the late, lamented (and technically superior to other handheld gaming systems of the period) Atari Lynx, well, guess what? There’s actually a small, dedicated group of folks out in California working away on a brand new game for the handheld, which still has a small, dedicated user base. Zaku, published by Super Fighter Team is a horizontal shooter being created on an actual Lynx development kit and according to the official website, will run at a blazing 60fps, making it the fastest game ever on the system…

Some of you might be asking “Why the Lynx, of all things?” or something message board snarkier, but all you need to do is look at the fantastic screens and art below. Clearly there’s a great mixture of talent and a good deal of love for the Lynx hardware and it shows. For the record, the handheld was not only more powerful than Nintendo’s Game Boy and Sega’s Game Gear, it could also handle 3D scaling effects and had a small, but solid library of titles that included a mix of arcade hits and original releases. I still whip out my own Lynx from time to time for a bit of Battle Wheels, Crystal Mines II, Gauntlet III or Xybots action. So first hearing about, then later seeing Zaku screenshots has my nostalgia meter buzzing.

As the game is still in development, no release date or price has been set for the game (which will be packaged like a retail Lynx title, with a box and manual). Anyway, check out the images and if you happen to be a Lynx fan, hit the Super Fighter Team web site and sign up for Zaku updates. They’re really good about letting you know what’s up.

I’m currently toiling away on a ton of stuff here, but I’m planning an interview with Brandon Cobb, President of Super Fighter Team in the near future on the creation of Zaku and some of the other games the company has published – stay tuned for an update.

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