Post Toasties

I’d really rather not waste such a good song on such a terminally bad person or group of people, but so it goes. Your tune for this Monday, which I hope is going as well as it should, rose colored blinders on or not:


So, we’re officially at this stage of the game now. Morbid humor as a reality check in some areas here, but it’s more a dry, hoarse chuckle from a very tired people at this point because we’re all tied to the couch as loud Uncle Bob starts setting up the old slide projector and has revved up some really bad Borscht Belt jokes to go with the carousel of everlasting pain:

(Thanks, Browingate!)

These days, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a traditionalist, but I did like to think I’d have a little say in a tiny bit of my fate, or at least a ghost of a chance when that number comes up, but nope. We have 12 Monkeys rolling snake eyes and typing away on dusty keyboards out there guiding fates because they’re too ignorant to wear masks and believe everything they can’t understand from a straight scientific angle is some sort of hoax even as the scent of death wafts in the air. “Oo-ooh, That smell”, as the old song goes.

(thanks, lina nando!)

Death via one’s own stupidity in one’s own chosen time and place is one thing, but dying as collateral damage because some want to win every Darwin Award they can in one shot is quite annoying at best. I wouldn’t even sit on the sidelines and watch this show because my need to see people crash and burn 24 hours a day usually stops at whatever good comedy I’m watching or if it’s not a comedy, it’s at least something I can identify with as fictional or sure, even a documentary where you can turn if off or change the channel when things get too rough.

(thanks, kdeez!)

Eh, I’ll be back later, as I’m trying to write something more enjoyable. It’s just tough to turn off the brain on this subject entirely, especially with some things out of my control that should be under normal circumstances, but aren’t because the clown car has working steering wheels at every seat and the each turn in a different direction.

You hopefully know the drill. Wear a mask, stay safe, et cetera.




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