Crowdfunding of Note 1: November Brings a Number Of Early Winners

For those of you fans of crowdfunding, this month has some pretty awesome products you can pledge towards and add to your future gift list even if you’re investing solely for that gift for yourself. Here are some surefire picks from yours truly you should look into:


The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD): Alex Wesley is a genius, period. His invention, currently on Kickstarter has blown past its funding target on the first day and still has 44 days to go. SPUD is about to shake up the the words “portable entertainment” in such a big way that Wesley is pretty much assured a place on a few tech award lists for coming up with a portable multi-purpose screen solution. I only saw this a few days ago in a Skype presentation and was absolutely floored that it worked so well.


A 24″ screen that weighs less than two pounds and folds down to book size to fit in a backpack or carry-on bag with a screen made of material that not only provides a sharp image, it doesn’t wrinkle up like you’d expect AND is useful for way too many applications? SOLD. Set to ship next summer, I’m predicting SPUD shows up in a few interesting places as a must-have product including TV and a few movies because it’s a perfect representation of the future as NOW (or sooner than you think).


5-Minute Dungeon: Another day one already-funded Kickstarter, Wiggles 3D and Connor Reid’s innovative, fast-paced and pure fun card/board game hybrid is going to be quite possibly one of the best cooperative games you’ll ever play. I’ve already written up a 5MD hands-on last week, but don’t take my word for it. This “How to Play” video should do the job pretty darn well. I have my early version here, but watching it makes me want to grab a second box just to give away to a friend.



In other words, BUY THIS GAME and get some friends over as soon as it arrives. Hey, May 2017 isn’t that long away! If you don’t have up to four other friends to play with, well… that’s more than enough time to go make them! YES. that means you need to go outside. It’s not so bad out there! You’ll see.




Make Sail: With its Fig crowdfunding campaign coming to a close Wednesday, two-man development team Popcannibal (or Ziba Scott and Luigi Guatieri) are going to celebrate the success of their gorgeous make your own boat sailing game with a day full of related events as listed on the funding page. Having seen Ziba play an in progress version of the game live last week, I came away more than a little impressed by everything I saw. In a nutshell, Make Sail has your character building an increasingly intricate series of boats in order to do some island hopping in order to escape a violent storm she’s trapped in the eye of.



Before you get all “Hey, this looks like a certain Legend of Zelda game!” on this, take note that it’s not in any way, shape, or form any kind of epic ARPG. For one thing, it’s a game made by two people and was never intended to be anything other than a solid sailing adventure using realistic physics that just so happens to be set in a small section of a fantasy world. There’s no combat (but the game will have sea life of a few varieties to deal with) and your main character is all alone (so far). While the game won’t be ready until Q4 2017, it’s drawn huge interest from gamers and actual sailing enthusiasts who have been letting the dev team know they like what they’re seeing while also pointing out things they want to see. That you have to love, folks.


Go get your sea legs, whip out that wallet and Make Sail, I say. As I’m still in jury duty mode, I’ve had to cut this post somewhat short. But I’ll be back tomorrow and Thursday with more fun funding possibilities.




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