Orphan Black S4:9 Preview: Another Clone? Oh Brother, Things Are Getting Sticky Here!

Yikes, that last episode was QUITE a doozy, huh? That new clone being a shady guy with a mullet and hipster beard (and deftly played by Tatiana Maslany at that!) threw me for a loop, but that ending was a shocker. Then again, Cosima’s condition was always going to be an issue, so now there’s a week’s wait to see if she’s okay. Another twist? Donnie actually got a sympathetic scene that worked, but he and Alison are quite the messed up couple for sure. Anyway, Rachel’s cranky for a good reason, the other clones have issues popping up that will hopefully get ironed out with two shows left and I’m glad I’m a fan of this show. Whee!

(Actually, this is a test post to check on some issues I’m having posting on the site, so wave if you’re reading this and I’ll wave back!)

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