Game of Thrones S4: Promo Onslaught In Full Effect…

Warning! If you still didn’t see the premiere, here and below there be SPOILERS! The premiere episode wasn’t even an hour cold when HBO started dropping videos galore and making me crack up because I think this was the fastest they’ve ever updated their YouTube page with GoT content. I’d have posted it last night, but I was busy with some other stuff (a few other shows and working on a bit of art). Anyway, here you go and I bet more is on the way, as this season seems to be one that’s going to be more memorable than the last one on a few fronts

Hey, I did say this post had spoilers in it, didn’t I? Of course, if you’ve read the books, you know most of this stuff already. On the other hand, as the show deviates from the books in a few very interesting ways, it’s great to see how the show’s writers have knitted things quite well into the overall story to date. So far, so good… and that second episode looks to be even more interesting. Six more days… only six more days…

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