?able Humor: Get Me Re(re)write!

(thanks, frankpilarski!) 

So, today I was bad, bad, bad. Well, just bad, but I think I tend to over-magnify stuff for excess emphasis. Anyway, I needed to go over some older posts and start the process of re-writing or re-rewriting them so some can be used as parts of a few upcoming blogathons I’m participating in. Some of the older posts are a wee bit on the short side and need a bit of expanding, so that’s what’s going on. Or WAS supposed to be going on.

Anyway, I was going over a few posts and then got distracted with a movie I’d wanted to see, so that was that for productivity for most of the afternoon. Yeah, it happens. NO, it wasn’t Star Crash, I was sidetracked by (Oh, hell nope!). That’s just to show my desire to stop time for long enough to do all the crap I need to do and feel HAPPY at the end of each day. Eh, I’ll figure this all out eventually. I still want a damn time machine, though.

As I update the older posts, I guess I’ll tweet them out (which means they’ll pop up on facebook as well). Keep an eye peeled…


2 thoughts on “?able Humor: Get Me Re(re)write!

    • Oh, it’s doable when you accidentally write something you’ve already written (oops!) or need to fix stuff from migrating a few thousand posts over from another site. I still need to (yaaaah!) reformat about 900 posts so videos pop in where they need to and I can shut down/archive the old site. Oh, the paaaain.

      I may need a helper monkey for hat or I’ll never actually post anything new id I restart that project. I just may make it a big mission to refit one or two old posts a day into WordPress, but it’s daunting and the first chunk of work I did (about two years of posts) nearly made me stop writing for a week. Too many old words! But at least I caught some old typos in the process…

      Sloooooowly but surely…


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