The Raid 2: Berandal Trailer – It Hurts to Look, But Look You Must (Maybe)…

Speaking of non-stop ass-kicking, The Raid: Redemption was and is still one of the most insanely kinectic and violent action pictures I’ve seen where even my most jaded brain cells were getting their eyeballs kicked out of the back of their heads. This sequel looks to be even more insane and painful for those stuntmen who are earning whatever keep they do and then some. If you’re at all squeamish about people getting the crap kicked out of them (or into them in some cases). don’t click that PLAY button. Seriously. You’ve been warrrrrned…

Yeah, you clicked it. I can tell. Breathe. Thaaaaat’s it. Feel better now? Good. OK, it’s MOSTLY a guy punching a prison wall and some short clips of bits of angry-looking people and later, more violence (ouch!). But the sense of impending dread (and MORE violence) is pretty palpable (ouch!). If you did and haven’t seen the first film, go do that ASAP, as it’s pretty darn amazing stuff. If you didn’t but happen to know someone who likes flicks like this, go have them watch this and let you know how it was. I bet they’ll be busy watching it again a few times before they come up for air…

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