More Apologies: My Split Seconds in 16 Seconds of Fame…

OK, I didn’t expect this, but oh well… I’m slightly (well, OK… well, not really) “famous” again. Those of you who know me will want to look closely, as I’m in this 16 second teaser for Toho’s upcoming 謝罪の王様 (King of Gomen Nasai or The Apology King) in two spots. It’s not the first time I’ve been in a TV commercial, but it’s my first Japanese ad. Um… I think. I also went to a preview for a film about a ywar and a half back that was filmed, but I never checked to see if an ad came from that one. Anyway, if you happen to be IN Japan (and I know a few folks who are), feel free to see this funny flick that opens on September 28, 2013 there. Here’s another bit from the film (I’m not in this one, so watch it this time!):

By the way, my droogies… I have not a single solitary clue if Toho is looking at US distribution, but I think they should as it’s quite a hilarious slice of Japanese culture and packs a few nice surprises along the way.

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