Xbox One? So Far… Eh, I’m Not (Too) Impressed…

Well, the Xbox One DOES turn on when you ask it to thanks to the new Kinect sensor integration (that seems to be REALLY fluid), but that just means that mute gamers can save their money. And yes, it responds to arm waving commands as well, so yeah, if you’re a gamer who can’t wave both arms around, you get to buy another console as well. I also HATE the not so subtle privacy violating going on here as the expectation that EVERY gamer wants to be “connected” is the biggest lie in plenty of cases.

Xbox One

Eh, this conference is practically nothing to me until I see some GAMES… 27 minutes in and it’s all about features. Oh, and it’s cloud-based, which screws anyone in a low-bandwidth area… Boo to enforcing “evolution” in this manner. Between this and the need for a smartphone in order to use some features (bleh), this will appeal to those who can afford all the services out of the gate and those who want all the fancy functions PURE gamers like me hate. Oh well… I’ll hold out for the rest of this conference just to see what first-party content is coming. I have the feeling that this may be the first new console I don’t buy…

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