Game of Thrones Interactive Features: What To Do With That Extra Hand? Now You Know…

Heh. That’s a little in-joke there for folks who saw last week’s episode… Anyway, I’m still not into whole “second screen” craze that tablet users have glommed onto as if they’ve suddenly gotten a third or fourth eyeball sprouting from their head and an extra arm (and hand!) that can keep them busy as the onscreen action from the show spools out. That’s nothing but distracting for someone like me who prefers paying attention to the show proper while saving the minutiae for later consumption. It reminds me of going to the movies and sitting next to someone who’s telling their seatmate the plot and pointing things out because that person is too slow to follow or otherwise disinterested. Granted, if one has a child, friend or relative that NEEDS that sort of attention, it’s an ENTIRELY different story. As it is, all this extra work during the show for me makes it less enjoyable because it’s a division of brain labor on my part. Of course, if YOU enjoy that experience, go, you!

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