NEW Driftmoon Trailer: It’s All Done (The Game and Trailer, That Is), So Go Buy It, Already!


As in noted last week (I think – this month is a TOTAL blur!), Ville and Anne Mönkkönen indie adventure/RPG Driftmoon has been getting some final tweaking and as you can see in the new trailer above, it’s tight as a drum and all set to brighten up your hard drive. The game is fresh, funny and near perfect, now has a nifty modern camera angle adjustor 2.0 added (er, in English, the Pg Up/Pg Dn keys tilt the viewpoint), a gentle kick in the lighting’s pants by accident has boosted it a bit more and yes, the game is easy on the eyes, to boot. Did I mention the level editor? No? Oh, I did last week? Well, I’m glad someone is actually reading this site! Either that, or I’m having a conversation with myself (shhh!).

OK, enough babbling. All you need to do now is BUY THE GAME (seriously). I say get it on the site directly, but poke around there if you prefer other digital options. Note that Ville and Anne might get to build a cottage out of money if you give them your ducats directly, but they won’t mind if you go elsewhere and get a legal version. Seven years of hard work ABSOLUTELY deserve as much respect and love as possible, so let’s show these two how a true gamer rolls. My full review goes up in a few days, but don’t wait for it to grab this one.

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