Beyond: Two Souls SDCC 2012 Panel Highlights: Cage & Page Are All The Rage On Stage…

Quantic Dream is making yet another PS3 exclusive that’s bound to be recognized as one of the truly great games for the system (and heck, any platform) and if the fan reaction is any indication, it’s going to do well when it finally hits sometime next year. To the dopes that think Ellen Page was hired for the gig only because she was a “big” star and Quantic Dream had a bunch of money to toss at her, that’s not quite correct (duh). She’s a damn fine actress, Cage wrote the story with her in mind (I’d gather she was his muse for the project) and fortunately, she was wise enough to take on the challenge of a completely different medium than she’s tackled before. It’s all coming together quite nicely and it’s yet another reason to be a happy PS3 owner these days…


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