Doom 3 BFG Edition Headed To Consoles, PC This October (Flashlight Mod Included)…

Nice (and hell, it’s about time!). I loved the console version of Doom 3 and its expansion back on the original Xbox and next to Valve’s stellar ‘How the hell did they DO that” port of Half-Life 2 (still the technical achievement on the console in my book), it’s one of those games you’ll always remember after you’ve played it. Well, id is bringing the game to consoles and PC this October 16 with some nice additions PS3 and 360-only owners should approve of. The main game, Resurrection of Evil expansion and seven new levels (The Lost Mission) are all 3D optimized, feature 5.1 surround sound, new lighting, rendering an an actual checkpoint save system (for those who disliked having to replay certain tricky sections of the game over). In addition, fellow Space Marines, that aforementioned flashlight takes care of one of Doom 3’s more irksome problems (unless you owned the PC version and got one of the many flashlight mods) and yes, there are now Trophies and Achievements for those that feel the need to hunt them down. Even better, you’ll be getting the original versions of Doom and Doom II included in the package (hopefully ON the game disc and not as downloads, right, id?). The best thing here is the price point – $29.99 on PC and $39.99 for the console versions. That’s not bad for so much, I say. Especially when it’s a game that still has the scares to send you under the couch time and time again (and that’s just the first two games in the series)…


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