Battlefield 3 Caspian Border Trailer WIll Make You Want To Upgrade Your PC

Even though I have zero interest in online shooters (no matter how good they are), it’s hard not to (actually, it’s IMPOSSIBLE) not to say anything against them when Dice is running the show. With up to 64 players on maps like this amazingly huge showcase they’ve whipped up (LOVE the jet action!) and that incredible Frostbite 2 engine doing everything it needs to do (and really darn well at that), this one’s going to be an instant hit. Yes, on consoles as well, even though the player cap is a “mere” 24 (which is nothing to sneeze at, mind you). All Dice needs to do is find a way to make some PC gamers less lame jerk-ass braggarts about building their own systems and showing off to the point of embarrassment and the would will be a happier place.

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