Gallery: Adventures to Go

OK, I’ll admit it: Natsume’s upcoming Adventures to Go really intrigues me (and a bunch of other folks out there). Sure, random dungeon generators are nothing new to an “old” guy like me. Hell, I remember playing games such as Dungeon Hack on the PC, A D & D Slayer on the 3DO and Dungeon Creator on the import PlayStation ’til the cows came home. Then… there’s that brutal Nethack intervention I went through some years back, but we won’t discuss that in public (“the horror… the horror…”)

Anyway, ATG is more strategy-based, looks pretty interesting and based on what I’ve seen and read, it’s not at all like the two PSP Dungeon Maker games, thanks to different gameplay mechanics as well as a more lighthearted approach to storytelling and overall visual style.

Here’s Natsume’s official line on ATG:

In this hilarious and innovative strategy RPG, players take control of Finn Courtland and his band of misfits in their quest for fame and riches. Along the way, they just might have to save the world from the evil Arbitus and his demons!

Each dungeon is randomly generated according to the player’s specifications, so the game offers endless replayability and a guarantee of new surprises every time you pick it up.

* Grid-based battles challenge players to think strategically!

* Control a diverse team of characters with unique spells and abilities!

* A huge variety of spells, weapons, and monsters!

Take a look below for screenshots and some nice character art. Sorry for the fuzzy screens, folks – that’s all there were on the game’s press site. Still, if you own a PSP, you know the game will look much better in motion (and definitely NOT as fuzzy. Fuzzy is cute on peaches and stuffed toys, but not on screenshots):

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