Sony Announces New Slim PS3, Price Cut, Hell Doesn’t Freeze Over…

I should’a gone to Cologne, part deux:

SCEA seems ridiculously awful at keeping secrets, what with PSP GO! images being leaked out before E3 and such, but I say it’s all good for their bottom line in the end. No matter which side of the console fence you’re on, you’ve got to admit that the final announcement of the new 120GB PS3 Slim (and yup, that’s the official logo for the model above) at $299 as well as the price cut on older (and fatter) 80 and 160GB models starting September 1, 2009 is only great news for those consumers waiting for that price drop to finally hit.

I’d add the epic-length press release on the Playstation website here, however it’s far too lengthy for even my cut ‘n paste antics (notice the link?) and hell, I don’t want to seem like a total Sony fanboy (even though I’ve been all for the company’s smart 10-year plan since the PSOne days). On the other hand, I’ll be a good blogger and post all the images of the new PS3 Slim below.

My thoughts: Nice and portable. Looks like a fancy laptop mixed with a Trapper Keeper, though. Lacks some features found on launch systems, but has some nifty new ones. Will sell like hotcakes to folks looking for a good Blu-Ray player and a great game console (especially now that a bunch of current and future first-party games are looking mighty sweet).

Should be an innnteresting holiday season, that’s for damn sure.

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