The Death Dealer, Too

(Thanks, Lex121100!)

Okay, I’m back. Sort of.

It’s been a bit of a rocky ride dealing with a recent demise, especially with a few big companies more or less trying to skimp their way out of paying proper annuity settlements. But we’ll not say more about that at the moment save for there’s a lot of things percolating in the background that need eyes kept on. In the meantime. it’s just been a total stress-fest in the writing department, although I have a small army of reviews in assorted states of completion. They’ll get posted at some point.

I suppose I should/could just be like others who post daily or more frequently and try to blank out the current nonsense in favor of a more rosy outlook, but it’s a bit tough what with all these follies going on in the periphery. That and, hell, every time I see someone here not wearing a mask or carrying one in their hand or a pocket then slapping in on as they walk into a shop, I want to dress up like El Kabong and give them a quick guitar lesson. But I don’t, as dressing like a cartoon horse and bashing folks on the head with a gitbox would probably be too sensible a solution and we just have to keep things crazy here in the US just because.

(Thanks, Pollackxxx!)

I may squash some of the larger WIP reviews into capsule form because I’m so behind in them and there are a LOT of review requests packing the inbox here. I went and bought a small stack of Blu-Rays and DVD’s in the last month or so that I need to get to, so expect a few reviews on those as well. I have the feeling I need to get off social networks again for a while, but I’m only using Twitter about 90% of the time while trying hard to avoid any news-related nonsense there as it’s a bubble trap of opinions over facts and that’s not what I need. Facebook is dead to me, but I only keep an account there because a few friends use it and sometimes send me messages. Well, that and the process for leaving it like trying to escape from Alcatraz… or the Hotel California.

Hokay, let me go crack open a few of those movies and get to watching then. I’ll be back here in a bit or sooner if I don’t get caught up watching too many special features. My gaming backlog? Well, that’s quite another Sisyphean task, but it too, will be taken care of – Typing monkeys and clones I have neither of aside.



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