Sure, Computer! How About You Work Properly For The Next Week?

(Thanks, Technomage116!)

Whee. I finally figured out what was wrong with the laptop, and it was nothing I did but a driver going rogue and mucking up my work life. Boo. Ah, technology… you stink for us less brainy types. Anyway, it’s now a matter of getting somewhere with a speedier connection to fix the issue (albeit temporarily). Blue Screen o’ Death, you can’t stop me! But I’m still buying a new laptop in a few days just because I need to upgrade and this old thing is on its last legs and flaunting that fact HARD. Okay, let me post this before the stupid thing locks up or crashes again. I just did a registry cleaning after uninstalling a bunch of not-needed stuff in order to free up a bit of extra space on the HDD and that seems to be helping a tiny bit. Oh, the backing up of data and reinstalling stuff on the soon to be new computer will be “fun” for sure. Does anyone remember ALL their passwords these days? I thought not.

2 thoughts on “Sure, Computer! How About You Work Properly For The Next Week?

  1. One program I always recommend for those that have never used it (even if you just uninstall right after it does its job) is CCleaner. It basically goes through and does a deep cleaning of stuff like temp files, broken installation data sitting around, cache files, etc. Yes, you’d lose your cookies and have to re-enter some passwords, but I know if I have not run it in a long time, it frees up somewhere like 5GB or more of data.

    Also, Disk Clean-up (the official Microsoft tool in your Control Panel) is a nice one to use here and there, especially when it comes to cleaning up old updates of Windows and even deleting all but the few most recent restore points (that’ll get you several gigs of data if you’ve never wiped those either).

    I do hope the new laptop works well for you!


    • Oh, I’m a BIG fan of CCleaner, so no worries there. I’ve usually tailored my settings to keep passwords intact but lose the cookies because I end up changing my dopey passwords a few (too many) times a year. EVERYONE should use CC, I say!


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