Random Art: While Waiting For The Mystery To Solve Itself…

Here Comes Trouble 

Hmmm. Nothing seems wrong here at the library today. But somehow, the internet connection is more than a little sluggish and keeps dropping out every few minutes. They’ve been having other issues (public printers haven’t worked for about a week, there’s a database issue that’s making it tricky to track some stuff), but the connection is usually fast and a lot more reliable. Anyway, to quote the old TV announcement: “We are experiencing operating difficulties… please stand by.”

Annoyed but feeling creative anyway, all you get today is a tree I knocked out after a post I was working on blanked itself after my laptop reset for some reason about half an hour ago. “This is only a test. If this were an actual emergency…” Well, I’d be at home under a few blankets at that point. Back in a bit. Or tomorrow, whichever comes first.

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