Looking Forward To A Mildly Hot June

hot stuff juneIt’s June already? Yikes. Well, I have a headache from trying to quit coffee (but it’s not the massive migraine I had last week from other stressy stuff), a pile of work to do (as ever) and some icky things going on with some precious bodily fluids behaving somewhat badly (but not at all painfully, thankfully). Posts are piling up as drafts, but those will get whittled down as I take care of a few things this month. There’s no construction today and I think tomorrow thanks to the rain blowing through here, so that will extent the roof repair a few more days. Shortly after that (barring incident), the screaming starts anew when the apartment gets slammed with hammers and such as a few things are repaired and replaced.

On the *all* good news front, it looks as if I’ll be doing something with a bunch of small peppers that are growing a bit bigger than expected. I’m not sure how hot they’ll be as the plants are from a mixed lot of seeds I’d been saving up that got mixed together by accident. Hot or not, I’m betting a mushroom and some sort of cheese blend would go with them perfectly. We’ll see. Back in a bit. I also have a bit of a backache today. But that may be from getting up far too early this morning and falling asleep with a book in bed that ended up under me (ouch).


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