Jurassic World Teaser: The Return of Barney, Rubble


Oh… kay. Now, I was hoping Jurassic World was a joke, but nope. Looks like this one is a go, is getting done up as a big blockbuster and looks to rake in the big bucks when it’s released. Hmmmm. Given the law of diminishing returns hit the franchise hard the last time, I’m one of those with an arched eyebrow ready and set to stay arched. Yeah, yeah, it’s got super-hot hunk Chris Pratt in it and sure, CG technology has improved by light years so those damn digital dinos will look spectacular. But CG tends to be so obvious and all-consuming in these blockbusters that I’m betting now jaded audiences aren’t going to be as wowed as they were back in the day. Which wasn’t so long ago, mind you. Anyway, I can hold out for the cable premiere at this point, as nothing I’m seeing is floating my boat. Of course, that could change in the not too distant future. Well, Thursday is the day the longer official trailer gets released, so that’s the first… er, second chance the folks behind this get to grab my interest. I suppose I should be more excited about this one, but it’s a big “meh!” for me at this stage of the game.

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