A Day Early, A Dollar Short!

GYAAAAAH. So, we were supposed to have a big asbestos abatement TOMORROW here, but guess who showed up A DAY EARLY? Yup. Anyway, no big posts today because I’m stuck here with a big box tent in the living room, no access to the kitchen (but stuff has been moved out, so the fridge is safe) and no wi-fi at all. Bleh. There were no posts yesterday because I was moving furniture around and had a meeting in the afternoon followed by CES Unveiled in the evening (where I got my pants ruined at the end when someone dropped a hot Sterno can and I got splashed from about ten feet away. Oh well, it was to be expected with the month I’m having so far. But I saw some fun stuff and will write about it soon.

Ha. I wondered why I couldn’t sleep well, popped up at around 2am and started moving more stuff around in the living room. It’s a good thing, too. Okay, off to banging my head against a wall as my kitchen gets the big work done. If I can get out of here later this afternoon or early evening, I’ll post something else, as my inbox is PACKED. Okay, back to the land of destruction. I could use a more productive week, that’s for sure. Hmmmm… I sense a theme here in these last few posts.

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