The 1984-a-Thon Is Coming! Are Your Ready To Go Back In Time To The Movies?

1984-a-thonSo, thesquonk calls and many have answered! However, there’s still a call out for writers for the upcoming 1984-a-Thon over at Forgotten Films, so if you’re feeling nostalgic and have a favorite film from that year of SO many great films from all over the world, go bug the man and see if you can participate!

I’m tackling a tough-love choice that’s gotten more love over the decades, Sergio Leone’s final (and in its original US theatrical release, VERY flawed) epic, Once Upon A Time In America, a film that I didn’t like at all when I first saw it, but it wasn’t due to the director or cast. I’ll not spoil my impressions because I still haven’t written anything about the film other than a nice opening segment. Hey, I have a good long time to complete that post, as the blogathon isn’t for another two months! Don’t rush me, grrrr. Anyway, if you think you’ve got time to scribble out a decent review, pick three flicks you think you’d like to cover (check the list on the site as well as the links, as there are no duplicate posts allowed, but a bunch of great films still need to be reviewed), zap out an e-mail and get that party started!


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