Random Art: It’s Still Not Spring In My Skull Yet…

Old Machine 
But that’s a good thing, I guess. This one popped out of the brain with no idea where it wanted to head when I sat down to work on it and it probably needs some tinkering. I don’t like reworking stuff after it’s “done” so I don’t think I’ll touch this again. I’d rather whip out something fresh over tinkering on something and perhaps ruining it, but that’s never stopped other artists from doing just that with their old stuff. Eh, enough thinking – I need to get some sleep! Good Night, all…


2 thoughts on “Random Art: It’s Still Not Spring In My Skull Yet…

  1. This is not the first drawing of yours I’ve seen and it’s easy to tell you have gone talent. Any piece of art that emanates any kind of mood or feelings has really captured something. Your work looks like concept art for Lord of the Rings or some dark foreboding RPG. Well done!


    • Thanks much, sir! Oh, I have partial to entire RPGs and many other game ideas playing in my head all the time. I just need a team of people to make them come to life so folks like YOU can buy them! 😀


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