If Arnold Has A Crush On You, You’d Better Run For The Hills…

(Thanks, Arnold)!

Yikes. Well, at least he’s smashing stuff with that tank he owns for a good cause, so it’s not as if he’s gone completely nuts like the time he got me in a choppa to take me somewhere and left me there when he went to go get some cigars from the nearest corner store. Which just so happened to be 147 miles from that jungle hell I had to cut my way out of with a rusty machete. Of course, Arnold acts as if he’s forgotten all about it, but he knows I had to live on assorted insects, plants and half a Little Debbie cinnamon bun (yuk!) I had in my pocket. Anyway, check out the rest of the Let’s Crush videos HERE and get a little chuckle on a fine Friday afternoon, I say…


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