Legionwood 2 Out Now, Nice Changes In Tow…

legionwood 2 logoOops! I missed an update from the game’s site, but that’s alright because Legionwood 2 is DONE and ready for purchase from Dark Gaia Studios nifty online shop. The game is now a full game and not half of one, retails for a mere $5.99 and yes indeed there’s even a FREE DEMO to try out so you can see if you like it. My poor backlog of games needs some whittling down, but this one’s on my list of stuff to grab once I knock down two more games off my too long list of things I’m playing. I have to do it this way or I end up buying stuff or getting review codes and forgetting I have them on a drive somewhere. Yeah, I’m a physical product person because it’s easier to keep track of games you can SEE. That said, I liked the first Legionwood a great deal, so I think this one won’t go forgotten at all…

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