STYX: Master of Shadows Trailer: Cyanide’s Sneaky Goblin Wants To Steal Your Attention…

STYX_logoWhile Of Orcs and Men didn’t light up the RPG scene when it was released, the game’s two leads drew enough attention that developer Cyanide Studios is cooking up an all new adventure starring one of them and based on the teaser trailer above, it looks quite interesting. STYX: Master of Shadows puts that mean-faced but very charismatic little goblin back in the human world and looks to be a stealthy action game along the lines of the Thief series. We’ll see how this one plays out and if the stealth elements make the cut among the fans of the genre who demand perfection. So far, this is PC only, but I’ll hold out a hope it makes it onto consoles at some point just so I don’t need to spend more money upgrading my dinosaur rig that’s still holding its own but is aging in dog years by the day. As always, we shall see, but this one looks like it would fit well on either the PS4 or Xbox One at some point…

1 thought on “STYX: Master of Shadows Trailer: Cyanide’s Sneaky Goblin Wants To Steal Your Attention…

  1. And in the end it became a stealth masterpiece IF and only IF you are into oldschool stealth genre. Combat is poor, but reasonable in that regard. You are a small, weak, hunched over goblin. You aint fighting big, trained soldiers. Defintily worth the look if you like hard stealth games. And no poor execution of morale system in this game. You kill or ghost trough it at your own pace.


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