BandFuse: Rock Legends In Stores Now: Go Guit Some!

Wassup, rockers? You should be able to stroll into that favorite game emporium at any point from now and pick a copy of BandFuse: Rock Legends up in your hot little hands for that PS3 or Xbox 360 you still own OR you can snag a copy via a quick order from any one of a few online shops. If Realta has that no-lag thing down solid on both consoles, they’ll have the best guitar “game” out there as far as the total pick up and play experience with no messy unlocking to do in order to get to the fun and fancy harder content. Granted, for newbies, the ONLY way to learn is step by step and at your own pace and the software absolutely allows for that as well. Will this be the new Twang Bar King or headed straight to the cutout bin? We shall see, folks… we shall see…

That said, I think it’s a smash hit in the making, folks…

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