Game of Thrones 3:9 Preview: A Week’s Extra Wait Adds More Suspense…

OK, Episode 8 made my annoying (and productivity killing) low-level flu kick some of itself out of a lung. Say, there… did you all yell “TAKE THE DAMN KNIFE, STUPID!” or variations thereof at the end of that last episode? I most certainly did and I think I heard someone next door do the same. Well, at least the hive mind thing is working. Of course, between the Westeros version of a shotgun wedding to that creative use of leeches to yes, the ending that initially made me laugh because I thought of Hitchcock’s The Birds as soon as the first crow landed on that tree, yeah, this was one of those that will get viewed a few times for chuckles. Anyway, next week we get Michael Douglas as Liberace in Behind the Candalabra taking up that prime time real estate (I’m probably going to watch for the comedy value, although I’ve heard the movie is actually well done), so I guess that’s a vacation from the madness going on as well as a way for HBO to prolong the agony and keep us fans waiting. Sus-pense!


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