Iron Man 3 Fandango TV Spot: What, This IS Cinerama?

OK, we get TWO TV ads in one day for this upcoming soon to be blockbuster? Hey, don’t blame me, blame Marvel for posting them so far apart. Anyway, what’s up with the oddball aspect ration? Sure, it looks awesome, but WordPress defaults these videos into such a tiny size that this will look like a Band-Aid in the post. Eh, I’m SURE you all know you can play this full screen so you can see what’s going on, right? Anyway, I wouldn’t mind finding out if anyone out there actually has a working Cinerama screen setup to show off, as I’d love to see some of those old films in that crazy wide view they ran in. I’ve only caught some stuff on TCM, but no TV out there can do the format justice…

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