Toy Fair 2013: Peavey Gets DC Ready to Rock With Themed Guitars & More…



Yeah, you know you want one (or all of these) even if you’re lousy at playing the guitar. Peavey Electronics and Warner Bros. Consumer Products are rolling out a cool line of DC Comics superhero-themed guitars and accessories starting this summer with a half-size Peavey acoustic guitar featuring a number of popular DC Comics Super Heroes, followed by a three-quarter size Peavey electric guitar and a full-size Peavey Rockmaster® electric guitar. Peavey will also release guitar picks and straps featuring DC Comics Super Heroes and villains such as Aquaman and The Joker (pictured below), as well as Watchmen and other fan favorites. Hmmm… even though it’s in “fat chance” territory, I think a Swamp Thing guitar would be a pretty wild addition to this lineup. Anyway, here’s a look at three cool electrics from the upcoming lineup – flip a coin like Two-Face or buy them all (like you knew you were going to as soon as you clicked on each image).

Peavey DC Comics Superman Rockmaster Peavey DC Comics Batman Rockmaster Peavey DC Comics Joker Rockmaster

Hmmmm.. given The Joker’s tendencies for oddball gags at inopportune moments, I have to wonder if that Rockmaster is loaded with a little something extra you’ll only discover by playing notes in a certain order? Well, there’s one way to find out – as in buy this for a friend and see what happens when he or she plays it… Just make sure you’re oh, about 30 feet away have have a good umbrella handy…

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