Pandora’s Tower (YES!) Headed to Wii This Spring (Thanks Again, Xseed!)

Pandoras CoverHoly Cats. I hadn’t expected the last Wii RPG on the list of the final three major ones fans have been clamoring for to ever get the OK for a US localization, but Xseed Games comes through yet again thanks to the successes of Mistwalkers stunning epic, The Last Story as well as Nintendo having a hit with the very well received Monolith game Xenoblade Chronicles in 2012. Anyway, color me thrilled to see one more (and one final) Wii RPG coming out. Gambarion’s gorgeous Pandora’s Tower seems to be the fastest-paced and most action oriented of the three games with time being a factor in terms of what sort of ending players will reach. Granted, this also looks to be a game that bets on players going through it many times to see everything it has to offer (which is absolutely fine with me)…

402 403 401

As good as this news is, I’m hoping we get to see one final Wii game headed stateside. While it’s not a JRPG, the Sandlot-developed all-out action game Zangeki no Reginleiv is BEGGING for a US localization. Yeah, yeah, Nintendo published it in Japan and ignored an English translation so Xseed will need to convince them that the game is indeed worthy of a plane trip west. I say if they poll their fan base and get the proper response, it’s entirely possible that we get one final Wii hit. Unless Sandlot is quietly working on a Wii U update in HD (which would be even better because they can fix a few technical issues the original game has and perhaps add GamePad support so two players can have at it with or without split screen). Anyway, go pre-order PT from GameStop or Amazon (both sites list a March 26, 2013 release date, which is coming sooner than you think) if you’re dancing around the room because of the news.

Pandoras Tower Art


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