Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U, 3DS Bound In March


Excellent news and even better, there’s a demo dropping on the eShop on February 21. Of course, you’re SOL if your Wii U isn’t being used online, so let’s hope Capcom cooks up some actual demo DISCS for those gamers who want to try this out. They did this with Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii (which was one of a very few Wii games that actually got a demo disc). Given that this series has gotten a few titles yet to be released in the US, the most dedicated US fans of Capcom’s long-running Monster Hunter franchise who can’t afford to buy all those consoles (or are willing to learn Japanese) are probably some of the most frustrated gamers out there. Granted, the game may be huge in Japan (they’ve gotten custom MH-themed consoles), but it’s still more of a niche title here thanks to the somewhat complex control scheme that’s guaranteed to fluster newbies right out of diving in for extended play sessions.

Me, I love the game world and humor and art direction, but I’m old (*creak*, *groan*)and like my action games a bit less timed and a bit more free roaming. Still, MH3U has that gravity pull thing going for it where once you’re hooked, you’ll keep forging ahead until you get it done.  I’d LOVE to see Capcom actually bring Dragon’s Dogma to the Wii U at some point (even though it looks as if that won’t happen) simply because that game had the feel of a Monster Hunter game with a lot more going for it in terms of openness and overall setting. That and outdoor areas aren’t broken up into separate “rooms” with load screens between them…


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